Our Goal--Turf Enclosure


Current Raised: 


This total is from SNAP! Raise Fundraiser and other miscellanous donations from 2018.

Short-Term Goal: 


Short term goal is to add turf fields to the concrete slabs behind the club house with a fence backstop behind each goal and a shorter fence around the perimiter. Lights would be installed on each corner. The Turf would be lined, and usuable for small sided games and practices. There would be bleachers for spectators.

Long-Term Goal: 


Long Term goal is to enclose the area with a steel building to be used all year round.

The Benefit:

The vision of this fund raiser is to give us the ability to get more players touching the ball without paying rental fees on buildings. We can use the fences to advertise for our current and new sponsors. The space can be used for tournaments and rented out for events.



While the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club would love to be able to create this capital improvement to our soccer club, we are still an affordable non-profit soccer club and don’t have the resources to currently perform this expansion on our own. We are looking for contributors to offset this project in exchange for naming rights throughout the Futsal Courts and our entire Soccer Park. We are currently looking to build out all 3 Futsal Courts at the same time and expect that cost (based on current quotes) to cost roughly $120,000. This would give us 3 Futsal Courts that are 60’ x 100’ and could handle roughly 45-50 games a day.

Benefits to Investor


The club currently sees roughly 25,000 unique cars enter our park annually, which doesn’t include our club held tournaments, events, or outings. With the addition of the 3 Futsal Courts, the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club is conservatively projecting increases of:

  • 2,160 additional unique Cars - Tournaments

  • 90 teams x 8 players per team x 3 tournaments

  • 576 additional unique Cars - Leagues

  • 9 leagues x 8 teams x 8 players per team

  • 400 additional unique Cars - Camps

  • 4 camps x 100 kids

  • 80 additional unique Cars – Trainings / Certifications

  • 4 Certifications x 20 coaches


This opportunity will be the first of its kind in WI and with it will have great opportunity for press (local TV news, social media, and newspaper) that will showcase your company and brand. It will be a great outreach to the community showing your support of an active lifestyle and that you are supporting a local non-profit organization that is part of the community.

In addition to the marketing opportunities within the club, there will be indirect marketing at locations past the scope of the Croatian Eagles. For example, soccer shops and clubs will house and hand out flyers for the Futsal leagues and tournaments with the investor’s logo and name.

As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donation to the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club can be a tax advantage!

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