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Festival Rules


- All of the games are played in accordance with the USYSA, FIFA, and WYSA laws.  Any exceptions are as noted below.



- Age divisions are set up by single years of birth from January 1st to December 31st.

- Maximum roster size:

  • U7/U8 - 8

  • U9/U10 - 14

  • U11/U12 -16

  • U13/U14/ U15 - 18


- U11 and above: All players must have USYSA player pass cards and be listed on the team roster signed by the USYSA District or State Registrar.  No other form of identification is acceptable.  U10 and under: many districts do not issue player passes.  A player roster will be considered acceptable as player identification.

- All guest players must have a completed Guest Player Form from their state association. WYSA Club pass players are not considered Guest Players. WYSA Guest Player policies are enforced.

- A waiver of liability form (State medical release form) must be signed by all players and/ or guardians and must accompany the state approved roster.This is to include all guest players. The WYSA registration form which has the liability release section signed is acceptable. This form must be uploaded under State association player form for each player. 

- All teams must be registered with an official league.

- All out of state teams must provide an official Permission to Travel form from their state association.

- All documentation is to be electronically uploaded to the tournament host no later than 2 weeks prior to the tournament start date.




- Teams should be present at the field on which they are scheduled to play twenty minutes prior to game time. A field marshal will check player passes and equipment.

- There will be no on field warm-ups.

- Game lengths are:

  • U7/U8 - 40 min (2 x 20 Halves + 5 min halftime) 

  • U9/U10 - 50 min  (2 x 25 Halves + 5 min halftime)

  • U11/U12 - 60 min  (2 x 30 Halves + 5 min halftime)

  • U13/U14/ U15 - 70 Min (2 x 35 Halves + 5 min halftime)


- The team listed first on the schedule is the home team and will provide the game ball. The home team will also be responsible for changing their uniform if there is a conflict. Field marshals or referees have the final say in determining if uniforms are too similar.

- Kick-offs are home team first half away team second half 

- Only coaches and managers are allowed on the player’s sideline. Coaches must have a valid coach’s pass.




- The home team will be required to change jerseys if the referee or field marshal rules there is a conflict.

Age appropriate shin guards are required.Socks must be pulled over the shin guards.

- No jewelry of any kind is allowed.Casts are allowed in accordance to the WYSA policy which allows the referee to make the decision if a player can play or not. All players on a team must have the same color jersey. Jerseys must be numbered with a different number for each player.

- Molded or screw in soccer cleats are allowed. No Baseball spikes.




- All referee decisions are final. No protests are allowed.

- The Tournament Director has the right to modify the length and location of any game. In the case of severe weather, the Director has the authority to relocate, reschedule, cancel, or reduce the length of any game or the entire tournament.There will be no refunds.The Tournament Committee, the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, and the Croatian Eagles S.C. shall not be responsible for the expenses incurred by any team or individual if the tournament is canceled in whole or part to include travel.




- All disciplinary actions will be reported to the Tournament and Director and recorded.

Red carded players will be suspended for at least one game.

- 2 yellow cards in one game equal one red card.

- Players red carded for violent conduct or foul and/or abusive language may be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

- Any player receiving 2 yellow cards during the tournament may be suspended for at least one game.

- Red cards will be reported to the players State Soccer Association.

- Harassment of officials and players will not be tolerated.

- Referees may stop games temporarily or may suspend play in the face of persistent sideline harassment or intimidation.In the case of a game suspension, only the Tournament Director is empowered to decide the outcome of a game.The score stands as is, forfeit, etc.

- Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the players, parents and spectators at the fields, hotels, and other locations for the duration of the tournament. If the Croatian Eagles S.C. receives complaints regarding the conduct of any player and person associated with your team, the Tournament Director may ask and/or bar the team from future tournaments.

Red carded coaches will be subject to the same consequences of a red carded player.




- All teams are expected to complete all scheduled games. Any team that fails to show or leaves the field of play before the conclusion of a game may be disqualified from the tournament.That team may also be banned from future tournaments and its State Association will be advised of its misconduct.

- U11 and above: A minimum of 7 players constitutes a team.  One player must be a goalie.  If a team does not have 7 players, a 5 minute grace period will be granted before a forfeit is declared.

- In the event of a forfeit, the game would be scored 4-0 and the winning team will be awarded 3 points for the win.




- Unlimited with referee consent, substitutions allowed in accordance with WYSA, USSF, USYSA substitution rules.

- When play is stopped for an injured player and an attendant enters the field of play, the injured player must leave the field of play and be substituted for. The opposing team may also substitute a like number of players.

- Any player with blood on his or her body or uniform must be substituted for. The bleeding must be stopped, the site must be covered with a bandage, the uniform must be washed or replaced as the situation fits before the injured player may return to play.


9.  SCORING (U11 and above)


- 3 Points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.

- Tie Breakers: At the conclusion of group play, in the event teams are tied on the basis of points earned, group winner advancement shall be determined in accordance with the following sequential criteria:

  • Winner of head to head competition

  • Winner of most games in group play.Does not apply if more than two teams tied.

  • Goals scored minus goals allowed (maximum of four goals differential per game will be credited)

  • Fewest goals allowed (maximum of four goals per game)

  • Kicks from the mark


- Semi-finals and Finals Advancement/Wins :Kicks from the Penalty Mark FIFA guidelines will be used for kicks from the Penalty Mark. Only players on the field at the conclusion of the game are eligible to take the kicks. Each team will alternate 5 kicks. If still tied, alternating kicks will be taken until a winner is decided.


10.   AWARDS


- U11 and above: First place and second place teams receive a trophy along with individual awards. Individual awards will be presented to all players on the tournament roster. Awards will be presented after the championship game.

- All players U10 and under will receive participation awards. The participation awards will be given at the time of check in.




- Players are eligible to play on only 1 team in the tournament.

- The WYSA club pass policy for players DOES NOT count against the total number of guest players allowed.

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