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Croatian Eagles Select Program

Select Program Description

At the select level, technical is a major focus, however, the tactical component becomes significantly more addressed.  Their soccer IQ is really broadened at this level to coincide with the guiding principles/sturctures provided in the CESC game model of play. 

The development of the physiological aspect of the game are actively stressed at this level as well.

In the u15-u19 ages the CESC aims to maximize all aspects of one's soccer development.  CESC trainings are designed to be rigorous in nature to push and prepare our players for the next levels of their playing careers.  While these trainings are team based, there is a high level of detail with the intent of providing an extremely competitive and next level experience. 


Leagues and tournaments are dependent on the team and are determined by the coach and Director of Coaching.

CESC Red teams:

  • Leagues: 

    • u11red participates in WYSA State level divisions (the top division that is offered).​

    • u12 red participates in State Midwest Conference Qualifiers

    • u13-u19 red (boys and girls) participate in E64 RL which is a high end application acceptance only program for the top clubs in the Midwest.

    • 13u-19u boys participate in the Elite Academy league.  EA is a high end league for other minded elite level clubs. (This extra league comes with a team fee that is not included in the club fee).

  • Events:

    • 11u-14u are guaranteed at least 4 Events

    • 15u-19u are guaranteed at least 2 Events (to include State Cup or President's Cup- dependent on acceptance)

    • Events are within the state AND throughout the Midwest Region.  Some teams travel throughout the entire continental US though.

CESC White/Blue teams:

  • Leagues: WYSA sponsored State or SECL. These leagues consist of anywhere between 6-10 games each season (fall and spring).  The number of games is dependent on the number of teams in each division per the sanctioning bodies of the leagues. 

  • Events:

    • 11u-14u are guaranteed at least 4 Events (2 fall, 2 spring)

    • 15u-19u are guaranteed at least 2 Events (to potentially include President's cup)

    • Events tend to be more local.

2024/2025 Coaching Assignments 
(assignments subject to change)

2024/2025 Club Fees

The fee structure for the 2024/2025 season is as follows (tentative):

  • 11u/12u Red .................. $1375

  • 11u/12u White...............  $1275

  • 11u/12u Blue..................  $1175

  • 13/14u Red ......................$1375

  • 13/14u White ...................$1275

  • 13/14u Blue......................$1175

  • 15u (8th graders) red. .....$1375

  • 15u (8th graders) white....$1275

  • 15u (8th graders) blue..... $1175

  • 15u-19u Red (HS only) .... $1180

  • 15u-19u White (HS only)...$1050

  • 15u-19u Blue (HS only) ...  $950

* Club Fees for 11u and above include:

  • Trainings​​

    • 3 per week for red teams​

    • 2.5 per week for white teams (alternate, 3, 2, 3...)

    • at least 2 per week for blue teams

    • GK trainings

  • Competitions and Events as described above.  

    • Additionally, the July 2-5 HNNS Canada Event is in addition to the above.​

  • 8th grade (trapped) team gets one league and/or one event (depending on numbers)

  • Referee FeesField maintenanceLeague registration/insurance, coaches pay, etc.

* MWC $225 additional for one fall OR spring season
* MWC $275 additional for Fall and Spring 

  • MWC fees include/help cover:

    • Increased referee fees​

    • League hosted weekends site fees

    • Mandatory Travel Showcases (or events)

    • Midwest Conference Registration fees

    • NEW:  All MWC teams will have Trace Video included in this fee.


  • Winter Training and Leagues are encouraged, but OPTIONAL and will incur an additional cost.  

  • Uniform/practice kits are required to purchase (all players will need new ones in 23/24).

  • Fundraiser:  Each family is required to participate in the mandatory fundraiser(s) which help keep costs down and improve our facilities.  This is added on to the fees when you register instead of collecting down the road.

  • Volunteer Fee:  A one-time, volunteer fee of $125 will be charged to each family (not member) at registration. The volunteer fee ($125) will be refunded to families once they complete four hours of volunteer service. 

  • Team Fee:  Some teams may have an additional fee to help cover the costs of coaches travel and expenses as well as additional events.  Reimbursement costs for coaches will include a coaches hotel, food, flight, car rental, mileage (for anything > 1 hour drive time one way).  This will be discussed and estimated at your team meeting at the beginning of the fall season and again in the beginning of the spring season. Costs are dependent on team and can vary.


CESC provides scholarship opportunities to families who

qualify through the help of the Buco Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  For more information email: 


Fredy Jany

Select Kit.jpg


Select 11u-19u - Croatian Eagles - Please Email: Mickey Mala

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