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World Cup Street Soccer 2024


Street Soccer is played on a field that is 25 yards wide x 30 yards long. Goals are down sized to four feet high by six feet wide and no goal allowed above shoulder height if using cones or flags as goal markers. Each game lasts for ten minutes with four to five players on each team. The game is allowed to run itself as there are no stoppages or coaching moments. If the soccer ball leaves the field of play the game restarts with a kick in. Each player is asked to bring a ball so that each field has a good supply of soccer balls behind each goal so time is not wasted. Goals can be scored from anywhere even a kick in. After every goal the game starts from that goal line.


Tuesday, July 9 | Wednesday, July 10 | Thursday, July 11 

Tuesday, July 16 | Wednesday, July 17 | Thursday, July 18

7u-15u Age Groups (Birth years: 2018-2010) | 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm | Fields 1 and 2

Click Here to Register-$65        Click here for CESC Waiver



It allows the soccer players to play without continuous interruptions from the coaches. Players learn very quickly that they can make mistakes and make up for that mistake without it being highlighted by the coaches. The game will be the teacher for our players throughout this experience and will be supervised by staff coaches for safety purposes only.



It allows players to play and make decisions on their own. The game gives us all four components of soccer.

Technically – The game will help a player improve passing and shooting techniques. It will also improve the player’s ability to dribble and to receive while playing in a small sided game.

Tactically – Players will have to adjust from defending to attacking while also giving support and balance. Communication will also improve in this small-sided game.

Fitness – Player’s stamina will improve because of the lack of stoppages. Due to the size of the field and the numbers of players playing there are many opportunities for physical contact. All-around fitness will improve.

Psychologically – All players have to adjust to a new team every ten minutes. This will improve the player’s psychological traits. Players will quickly understand their direct importance to every team score.



It is not mandatory for players to be present every night of the Street Soccer season. 

Each night and each game, the players will be randomly rotated into teams. This provides the athlete with the exposure to new teammates and differing skill levels throughout each game.

A fun tradition to street soccer at Croatian Eagles Soccer club is the street soccer party following the last day of street soccer. Food and a beverage per participant is provided at no cost. This is a great opportunity to wrap up a fun two weeks of soccer and has always been a great time to all players.


Questions? Please email Mikel Mala or Mike Koch

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