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Croatian Eagles Academy Program

The CESC youth academy aims to provide young soccer players, who aspire to become a more accomplished player, an avenue to test and enhance their skills, while under the tutelage of USYS nationally licensed and accredited coaches.  In addition, the CESC Academy program provides young players avenues to improve upon their technical, physical, social and the beginnings of their tactical understandings of the game of soccer.   These young players begin to learn the guiding principles of the game of soccer using the CESC game model approach.

While the Academy program is designed for those seeking a higher level of competition, players of ALL levels and experience are encouraged to join, as CESC believes there is a fit for all players and we do our best to ensure that all players are maximizing their talents, being challenged appropriately, while having fun.

CESC Academy teams participate in WYSA accredited leagues and others to give a robust and developmental appropriate challenge.

2022/2023 Coaching Assignments
(Assignments are subject to change)


2022/2023 Club Fees


The fee structure for the 2022/2023 season is as follows:

  • U7 ................................ $550

  • U8 ................................ $550

  • U9 ................................ $800

  • U10 .............................. $800

* Club Fees:

  • At least 2 weekly trainings in fall and spring

  • Goalkeeper training (if desired for u9 and u10)

  • Approximately 13 (or more) games for each season (fall and spring), to include league and events.

  • Referee Fees (increased in 2022/23 per WYSA)

  • Field maintenance

  • League registration/insurance


  • Winter Training and Leagues are encouraged, but OPTIONAL and will incur an additional cost.

  • Uniform/practice kits required to purchase for new players.

  • 10uB red will incur an additional cost due to playing in 11u leagues and events.

  • Fundraiser:  Each family is required to participate in the mandatory fundraiser(s) which help keep costs down and improve our facilities.  This is added on to the fees when you register instead of collecting down the road.

  • Volunteer Fee:  A one-time, volunteer fee of $100 will be charged to each family (not member) at registration. The volunteer fee ($100) will be refunded to families once they complete four hours of volunteer service. 

CESC provides scholarship opportunities to families who

qualify through the help of the Buco Memorial Scholarship Foundation and other generous donations.  For more information email:

Fredy Jany


Questions about Academy?


Please Contact: Mike Koch or Mikel Mala

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